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IRCO Automation: Linear Robot for Box Beam Welding

IRCO Automation provides a linear robot for box beam welding. IRCO’s newly designed linear robot is optimized for pre-programmed multi-pass welding on multiple joints of the box beam. Without stopping, this system can weld each joint from one end of the work piece to the other, repeating its set sequence during the scheduled job until welding is…

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IRCO Automation: New Facility Tour!

In the spring of 2019, our team at IRCO Automation packed up shop and moved into our new facility. Now 6 months later, we’re happy to say, we’ve settled into our new space and feel right at home. A fresh coat of paint and new carpets are only some of the surface-level improvements we enjoy…

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IRCO Automation is Moving!

Have you heard the exciting news? IRCO Automation is MOVING! Here is a sneak peak at our new facility. Located at 5150 Mainway in Burlington, it’s just around the corner from our current location. We will officially operation from our new location as of April 29, 2019. Thank you for being part of this next…

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