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Weld Positioning Systems – Combat Vehicles

When our customer got the green light from the U.S. military to assist a friendly nation establish its nascent combat vehicle program, IRCO was there to help transfer both the systems and know-how. Our positioning equipment had been an instrumental part of the manufacture of the vehicles on U.S. soil, making our in-depth understanding of the program a definite asset.

Design changes were required as part of the program transfer to support the new vehicle service procedures. The design revisions reduced material handling and improved weld quality, allowing for safe, ergonomic, and remote operation of the equipment.

“Our goal was to make our contact stand out to his employer and the Brazilian government. From concept to completion we were in step with him, helping him with the three things he can control: quality, time and money.”

Hubert Bethlehem

Hubert Bethlehem

President, IRCO


Provide weld positioning equipment to the Brazilian government that would allow them to refurbish and repair combat vehicles previously manufactured in the U.S.


Understanding our client’s need for a cost-effective solution that provided reduced material handling and improved weld quality, we were challenged with designing positioning equipment that allowed for the units to have more than one function, promoting safe, ergonomic and remote operation.


We listened carefully to what our contact wanted to achieve and worked as a partner in the process, helping to develop a targeted, meaningful solution rather than providing him a list of standard products to choose from.

Design solution complexity


The core design of the positioning equipment was proven to be successful. The equipment modifications driven to improve the service procedures of the program drastically enhanced the safety and ergonomics of the operation.



  • 3-axis weld positioners with custom tooling and integrated working platform


  • Multi-axis part positioning
  • Engineered part fixturing
  • Custom-designed working platforms

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