Oil Barge Manufacturing


Welding throughput for single sided butt welding of barge panels - 1½" thick, 22′ x 65′ plates.



  • Automated tandem submerged arc welding gantry 
  • Integrated arc gouging and pre heating system
  • Remote camera viewing
  • Laser seam tracking
  • High capacity flux management system


  • Cycle time improvements achieved
  • Improved weld quality and throughput
  • System intelligence for future expandability

Welding Gantry Systems

IRCO is a leading North American manufacturer of custom designed automated welding gantries. IRCO welding gantries are designed for a specific application and incorporate the integration of industry leading welding, tracking, vision and control systems. As a turnkey integrator, IRCO also has extensive in-house expertise in custom designing material handling and fixturing systems which are incorporated into the gantry welding system to provide a complete solution.

IRCO welding gantries range in many different working windows and design configurations depending on the application, and have been used in structural steel, ship building, panel welding, and military applications

  • Web – Flange Beam/Girder Welding
  • Plate Welding
  • Stiffener Welding
  • Deep Groove Welding – Longitudinal/Circumferential
  • Self-Contained Service Gantry’s for Remoting Equipment

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